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Nasi Lemak

This is Malaysia's most traditional and popular food you NEED to try this country, only full stomach but inexpensive, it can be found in any dining area. There are several ways to cook Nasi lemak, but the basic ingredient is to cook the rice in coconut milk with pandan leaves, served with spicy sambal, boiled eggs or fried eggs, fried anchovies, cucumber and fried peanuts on the side.

Banana Leaf

Banana leaf rice is a traditional method of serving rice dishes in South Indian cuisine. Whenever food is served on a banana leaf it is sure to give you a foodgasm. A traditional banana leaf meal is served with white rice (or parboiled rice in authentic South Indian restaurants) with a variety of vegetables, pickles, appalam (crispy cracker) and other regional condiments (usually sour, salty, or spicy)

Nasi Kandar

Nasi kandar is a popular dish from the north of Malaysia, originating from Penang. It has been popularised by Indian Muslim Tamil traders. It is a steamed rice meal that can be flavoured plain or mildly and served with a variety of curries and side dishes. The rice is served with side dishes such as fried chicken, curried spleen, cubed beef, lamb, fish roe, fried prawns or fried squid.

Street Burger

Yes, we have our McDonald’s (Mekdi) and KFC, but we Malaysian’s still have our love for street burgers which is part of our guilty pleasure! This is the most accessible burger stall that you can find. You can almost find two to three street burger kiosk in a housing area.

Roti Canai

Similar to paratha in India, roti canai is made of wheat flour and egg. The dough is left to rest for a few hours to rise. It is later flattened by hand and then tossed like a pizza. Roti canai is a popular >Malaysian breakfast and snack dish, and one of Malaysia’s Indian cuisine's most celebrated examples.